A Counterproductive Brand Awareness for Beyoncé

Let’s start with the facts. Beyoncé is an amazing dancer, singer, and performer. Beyoncé is gorgeous. Beyoncé has a fantastic body and as a woman who spent years obsessed with countless Twiggy look-alike models, I love that she has a real figure with curves and is still gorgeous.

Now that the compliments are out of the way…

I’m tired of Beyoncé. Yes, she’s amazing, yes we all love her, but it’s time for a break. It’s also time to get real with the fact that Beyoncé, as a brand, is a machine. She and husband Jay-Z have done a fantastic job marketing themselves, including their newborn, and truly creating an empire for their family.

That being said, the Beyoncé brand has infiltrated the market a little too much and now, with the release of her new Pepsi endorsement, the brand infiltration seems rather counterproductive to her other branding efforts.

It takes a lot of training and as a former gymnast and still very active athlete — but whose fitness level cannot compare to Beyoncé’s — I am here to tell you that I know that woman is not cooling off with a Pepsi Max, let alone a Diet Pepsi after endless hours of rehearsals and training. Maybe a glass of wine, post cool-down, but certainly not while still in rehearsal.

As you may have noticed in last week’s post about Coca Cola and soda in general, I’m a big fan of Coca Cola (sorry Pepsi), but I do truly love the new “Mirrors” commercial featuring Beyoncé. She’s a fantastic dancer and I love the choreography.

Given everything mentioned already — the influence, the talent, the beauty, the brand — why sell out for a $50 million deal when the Beyoncé brand has been seen supporting the Let’s Move campaign by First Lady Michelle Obama?

Money isn’t everything; even $50 million.

Maybe I’m not a big enough Pepsi fan, but I feel that a healthy, obesity-reducing campaign set forth by the President’s wife, and established to promote the well-being of our country’s children, should really take precedence over the need for yet another million dollars by joining the likes of an obesity-inducing product. As a new mother, I wonder how much Pepsi she’ll be serving little Blue Ivy.

Bring this Beyoncé back — she’s a little more inspirational than a shiny soda commercial.

This post, written by me, was originally published by Beneath the Blog on Friday, April 12, 2013.