Bloggers As Brands

Maybe it’s because I have immersed myself into the world of blogging, but it occurs to me that there are two types of bloggers — those who understand branding and those who have never heard of the concept.

Those who get it understand the power of color, copyediting, how to integrate social media, and the importance of [relevant] networking. They understand that consistency is key and that selection of content is equally as important. Bloggers who understand branding know not to take on irrelevant advertisers and why sponsored posts are about quality over quantity.

Those who don’t get it find no harm in posting [only] poor-quality photographs taken with Instagram or think a website completely covered in spam-looking ads must be a good thing. Bloggers who don’t understand branding constantly look at the competition to see what they should be doing. Original content becomes something of the past, because the future must contain what’s already out there in order to get the same advertisers and sponsors.

Wake up, little bloggers! Just because you are represented by a URL and a static headshot on your site doesn’t mean you’re not a brand. You still represent a brand and, guess what, the brand is you. Put your best foot forward and maintain that image throughout. Equally important, be careful what you post online — somewhere out there is a potential follower, subscriber, publisher, or advertiser.

Most important of all, remember your audience and remember your [business] goals. Are you a blogger whose sole focus is CrossFit? Then stop posting articles about your new puppy or newborn baby. The reality is that your blog has a theme and when you decide to change your theme you’re going to lose some of your audience. Over time, you’re also going to lose advertising and sponsors, because as a brand you are no longer a consistent entity. Same goes for businesses.

This article, written by me, was originally published by Beneath the Brand on July 12, 2013.