The Groovy Bebopping Tunes of Fiat


I’ve been a fan of the MINI Cooper brand for years. Back in college I attended a branding conference that included a case study on the MINI Cooper campaign, courtesy of the original Crispin Porter + Bogusky. I fell in love with the art and science of branding right then and there, and became a huge supporter of the MINI Cooper car design.

Back in 2011 FIAT reemerged in the U.S. marketplace with an ad campaign featuring J Lo. I initially dismissed the campaign, along with the brand, which I wrote off as just another small car brand vying for my attention. Press came and went about J Lo’s involvement and if it weren’t for Advertising Age, I never would’ve bothered to read about the FIAT brand.

One by one I’ve seen the little cars emerge onto the streets around town and for a while my love and dedication to the MINI kept me at bay from the Italian car.

Later FIAT rolled out a new campaign series featuring the dance-provoking tunes of Pitbull and Arianna. Watching those little FIAT cars dive into the ocean and reappear to the hip-hop sounds of Pitbull caught my attention. I found myself pausing in life to watch the commercials on TV.

Over the past couple of months I’ve even caught myself bebopping to the tunes at any FIAT sighting, usually without the music playing in real life. I love a brand that can take a negative reputation (as FIAT’s once was many years ago in the U.S.) and come back to create a fresh new start amongst a new audience.

Many critics pointed out the car brand’s past quality problems, raising the question: How do you target a younger audience in spite of its past? Well, luckily most of us in the younger generations know nothing of FIAT’s problems. What we do know is that Fiat has rolled out a catchy commercial and we like what we’re hearing. 

Granted, investing in a car requires so much more than just a good commercial, but FIAT has us paying attention and as long as they keep doing well, I’ll continue dancing in my seat at the sight of any FIAT car.

This post, written by me, was originally published by Beneath the Brand.