Time For a New Year, New You . . . Again

Every year brands scurry to shove messages of renewal and revitalization down the throats of consumers. However, this year may be the right year.

Oprah has been telling us for years: “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

Nothing says it’s time for a new year like knowing consumers are stuffing themselves Thanksgiving Day all the way until New Year’s Eve. Come New Year’s Day, they’re ready to ward off the hangover and ten pounds gained at a chance for a better life—at least until Spring when New Year’s Resolutions are long forgotten and gym attendance dwindles down.

This year however, may be the year. Between the Non-GMO marketing, green cleaning products, push and desire for clean eating, and the realization that rehab-going celebrities are not representatives of a good way to live, it seems consumers are ready for a “New Year, New You”-kind of push.

Congratulations brands! If your focus is improving the livelihood of consumers, then this may be a successful year for you.

Grocery stores have seen a consistent demand for all-natural, organic foods and properly-fed and treated animals that are local, fresh, and packaged with respect.

Though brands such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and even 24 Hour Fitness have relied heavily on individuals dedicated to their goals year-after-year, it seems that this year more consumers are ready to board the train to health and happiness.

Social media has done one thing for sure—it has made the most of peer pressure as a means to product demand.

The obsession with Pinterest has led thousands of users to create inspirational boards filled with quotes focusing on being yourself, being healthy, and being a better person. Pinterest has also made it easy for users to share fitness ideas and Paleo-obsessed recipes. Pinterest has helped the message reach the consumer.

Runners are flooding Facebook with pictures of marathon race bibs and timing chip results. The CrossFit-obsessed are recruiting average-Joes with their cult-like dedication and workout selfies. Paleo eaters are instagramming photographs of meals faster then they can consume their lettuce wrapped turkey burgers and green veggies.

Luckily for brands, peer pressure is helping capitalize marketing messages of renewal and improvement making this year the year for a “New Year, New You!”

This post, written by me, was originally published on Beneath the Brand on January 2, 2014.