Synesthesia Jazz-Inspired Series

Music from my childhood plays a large role in the paintings I create today. From an early age I was surrounded by the sounds of John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington.  As a child I spent weekends listening to jazz records with my father—and the occasional Doors album with my mother.

Music has always had a large presence in my life, which I heavily attribute to my development as a synesthetic artist.

These days I focus strictly on jazz—listening to an individual song on repeat while I create each specific piece—generally with acrylic or mixed media to allow for flow and flexibility in capturing the rhythm and timely interpretation of a song. Occasionally a piece is influenced by outside factors such as personal experiences, other songs on my mind, or current events—but my intention is to heavily focus on only one song at a time to ensure prosper attention is given to even the most minute notes in each specific composition.